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twilighter_rpg's Journal

Twilighter RPG
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a Twilight roleplaying community
[ A B O U T ]

This is a roleplay community for the twilight series. All posts in the community are in character. Each journal that posts will also be designated ONLY to the character. (i.e. you can not roleplay under your actual main account).

This community is open membership, meaning anyone may join and read as well as post comments.

However, if you would like to join in on the RPing fun, you must do the following to apply:

1. Check the casting list! (you can find it by clicking here) If a character is already taken, you must choose another.

2. Create a new journal. *The username MUST have some sort of relevance to the Character you wish to portray*

3. Write an in-character entry into the new journal.

4. Click here and fill the message with the following information to apply:
A) What character you would like to play.
B) Your MAIN journal account username.
C) A link the the RP journal you will use.

**** NOTE TO THE CAST: Make sure you add all related RPG journals casted for this community to your characters friends list!!! ****


You can post anything in character. A day to day account, a problem your character is having, a note to another character, ect ect.

You also are encouraged to comment as your character on the posts of others. (I.e. Edward might want to comment on something Alice did.)

NOTE: all out of character journals that join may post comments on entries. However, the only users who will be able to post to the community are the RPG journals!!!